Come play with us

K9 Rescue Cycling Club is dedicated to supporting cycling at all levels in the Houston area. From beginner to racer, anyone with a bike and a passion for cycling and improving the situation for homeless animals in Houston is welcome. Now you can share your passion for cycling with folks who share your passions for pups.

Joining K9 Rescue Cycling Club is simple – there are two ways to become a member:

1. Make a tax-deductible donation of $25 or more to either Lola’s Lucky Day or Barrio Dogs (see website for donation links). 2. Commit to volunteering your time at one (or more) event hosted by either Barrio Dogs or Lola’s Lucky Day (see websites for details on upcoming events).

It’s just that simple. So, come join a cycling club with a bigger purpose. Throughout the year we will look for opportunities to organize some group rides and hopefully host a fundraiser charity ride on behalf of LLD and Barrio. We will have an annual party to thank our sponsors and recognize the folks who work so hard every day to make a difference in the lives of Houston’s homeless dogs.

If you are a racer looking for a team – we encourage you to consider racing for K9 Rescue Cycling. Racing at the local, regional or national level is just one more way to increase awareness and support for this cause. When you race in the Rescue kit, people see you are racing for a higher purpose. Because this is a philanthropic effort, there is limited opportunity for race support – but some support will be available for USAT/USAC licensed racers who represent K9 Rescue Cycling.

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